Softball Mania

I’m taking this moment to confess. Yes, I have to get something off my chest. I am… without a doubt… are you sitting down?… a… a… a softball addict. It’s true.

I can’t stop myself. I’ve been consumed by first going to the super regional last Sunday down in Corvallis, which we won… wooo hooo!!, and then by watching other super regionals and now the Women’s College World Series on ESPN. I’m obsessed. It’s getting so bad that before I left for work this morning, I put a tape in to record the Texas game.

I don’t really know how or when this all happened. I have never been, before this year, really into it. Personally, I think it’s Karen’s doing. Well, maybe not, but partially. I’m laughing now, somewhat hysterically. Seriously though, I think it’s her influence. She played when she was younger, and actually, into adulthood. She knows the game. Plus, we have friends who are very into it as well. They like to watch, she likes to watch, and so… I watched.

I guess maybe, it started last year. We all watched the Women’s College World Series together. We got to know who some of the players were, developed favorites, rooted for teams we liked. It was fun. And still, at least at that point, my problem hadn’t developed into the mania it is today.

I wonder what went wrong? I could try to quit cold turkey. Not watch the games, not look up the scores or peruse player stats online. I could quit it… if I really wanted to. But, do I? Do I really want to? I don’t know, probably not… right now all I want is for the work day to be done, the drive home to be over, the changing into sweats from work clothes to have happened, and the VCR not to have messed up the recording in any way. I want to get back to the action. Maybe this year I’m a lost cause. And maybe, next year, I won’t fall into this consuming trap. Maybe…. or, maybe we’ll just decide to actually fly out to Oklahoma City and watch the games in person. Yeah… that sounds like the ticket… yeah… fly out… watch the games in person…

What Are Your Thoughts?

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