It’s a word I’ve used to describe, ever since seeing the movie, the feeling of being free. From bonds, from constraints, from ideas that bog us down and try to pigeon hole us. And today, I feel that way. It’s amazing what truth does to a person. Being honest, opening ourselves up to someone, ourselves, the world. It’s beautiful. That, for myself, and the fact that my mom is now, as of today, enjoying a bit o’ sunshine in Mexico with her new man. She, more than anyone I know, deserves to be happy… and free. Free to do and be whatever and whoever she wants. I wish nothing more for her than days filled with sunshine, margaritas, and adventure… and nights filled with warm romantic strolls and yes, adventure. I can see her smiling eyes and hear her laughing from here. I can’t wait to hear her tell me all about it when she comes home.

Also… a good friend is going in for surgery that’s supposed to determine if the cancer has spread. From there directions are decided and a course of action will be taken. Seeing people I love in stress is so difficult. I wanted to hug him tight as he left today. He’s not one to show too much emotion though, so I respected that and just gave him a brief squeeze. I told him I would be burning incense and doing the healing dance. He laughed, which was the intention. Levity in the face of something so serious is sometimes necessary, especially when he was trying to say goodbye without getting too emotional. He’s a lovely man and I care about him very much.

So here it is, once again… life brings dual emotions to us constantly. Happy, sad, exuberant, quieting… all present, and accounted for. These moments make me appreciate life more each day. I know that sounds trite. But… it’s true. The rollercoaster of feelings I’ve experienced in one day is, to me, phenomenal. It let’s me know I am very much alive.

I have, over the course of the last few years, learned to appreciate everything. The light of the day, the smile of a friend, the way the sun feels on my face, any time I can get with the people I love, a well put together sentence in a novel, or something that makes me laugh. There are so many shades to life, so many little nuances. Sometimes just a sip of great tasting coffee makes the day. The fantastic part is that we get to wake up and do this over and over… every day. It’s magical. And I… well… I’m looking forward to what tomorrow and the day after might bring. I know, with certainty, that there will be one sort of adventure or another. We just have to be daring… be free… and live.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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