Perkins, The Retreat, and Butterflies

Greetings from Gainesville. This is our third day in the land of sun and relaxation. We spent yesterday getting up late, to us it was early (we were still on Oregon time), and then rushing, not too badly, to get out of our room before the hotel Nazis drove us out. We stayed at the Sailport Resort. We wouldn’t recommend it much, but it was conveniently located next to the airport, and that’s what we really needed. So… yesterday we drove the two and a half hours to Gainesville via I75 North. It was a bit of a feat getting out of Tampa and on the right road. Initially we were fine, then our sign disappeared. It was there, leading the way, and then… nothing. Signage isn’t always clear when you’re from out of state. And what do you do when you aren’t sure where you’re going? You stop for breakfast/lunch. And where do you stop when you don’t know where you are or where anything else is? You stop at the first place you can find near the highway, which in our case happened to be Perkins. I don’t know if anyone’s eaten at a Perkins. It’s a chain in this part of the country. They are also in the midwest I believe. They are ok… as long as you don’t care about the taste of your coffee and you don’t expect your waffle to be warm. But, we got our stomachs filled and along the way found a renewed sense of adventure… Once again able to join the traffic on the interstate and wonder… were we really on the right road? Ah well… we managed. We figured… we were going North, Florida isn’t exactly a wide state, we couldn’t exactly go to wrong. And… we didn’t. We made it here just fine, thanks to a decent sense of direction and excellent tips from Don.

After getting here Carol showed us around the house and the grounds. All I can say is… I loved them both. They have a beautiful place here and the house is great… like visiting a retreat. They also have two dogs, Tatlim, who loved us instantly, and Breezy, who still isn’t sure about us. But, she isn’t sure about most people right away, so we aren’t taking it personally.

Today… We ventured out to the Natural History Museum, the Art Museum, and the butterfly exhibit. All of them pretty good. I especially liked the butterfly exhibit. I think we both did. Tonight we’re going to dinner and a play. The play, Frozen, is supposed to be good and has been somewhat controversial.

So far life in Florida is treating us right. We are relaxed and enjoying ourselves. Stay tuned… future broadcasts on our adventures from the land of the Gators can be expected.

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