Ray LaMontagne

Just purchased Ray LaMontagne’s CD “Trouble”. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I love it. His voice is clear, the lyrics poignant, and the orchestration simple, and beautiful. When you open the CD you get the following quote from the “Last Temptation of Christ”, “And you, liar, teller of tall tales: you trample all the Lord’s commandments underfoot, you murder, steal, commit adultery, and afterward break into tears, beat your breast, and take down your guitar and turn the sin into a song. Shrewd devil, you know very well that God pardons singers no matter what they do, because he can simply die for a song…” Nothing fills a soul more than the sound of beautiful music… and if you happen to be looking for that particular feeling today, check out this CD. You won’t be disappointed.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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