10 Word Review

I love film, music, books, art, philosophy, architecture, and food.  I also like talking about the aforementioned stuff.  In that vein, I thought I’d set up a new regularly occurring when I feel like it that is, a little segment called 10 Word Review.  After seeing a film, or enjoying a meal, or reading a book, or looking at art, or… you get the idea, I will write a short review.  The rules… no rules other than each review will only be 10 words.  The last of the 10 words will always be either yes, no, or waffling, signifying my opinion.  Eat don’t eat, see or don’t see, read or don’t read.  Like that.

Lastly, the 10 words can reflect my mood while experiencing whatever it is, or an aspect of it, or a description of it.  In essence, the words can be anything I feel like including for whatever reason I feel like including them.  To me, they will always make sense.  To everyone else?  I guess we’ll see.

I started reviewing in February 2012.

To see a list of previously viewed films, books, tv shows, music, and misc. stuff click on the appropriate page under the 10 Word Review heading.  The items in the lists are all linked back to my reviews.  Explore, and enjoy.

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