After 10 Minutes on Facebook

I just spent 10 minutes on Facebook and now I have to write a blog post.

Oi!  I can’t take it.  Politics, division, divisiveness, people being crappy, showing their dark sides, thinking it’s funny.  It’s not.

I don’t care who you support.  I have my opinion, know what I’m going to do come November.  I expect you do too.  Why must we, over and over, post things on Facebook that are cruel character assassinations of candidates.  I mean on both sides.  I just saw it from both sides.

If you post, post something that includes facts, reflects your educated opinion, or supports your position in a classy way.  What’s with all the personal attacks?  Where did common decency go?  When did it become OK to publicly deride someone?  Sure, public figures sort of open themselves up for criticism.  So, criticize them intelligently.  I’m so sick of the memes showing one candidate or another with some intended to be cutesy, but isn’t, superimposed quote or other additions.  My God people.

We are better than this.  Our culture, with social media, has sunk so low that people think this crap is funny, when in fact it’s bullying behavior.  What are we teaching our kids?  That it’s OK, if you don’t like someone, to post something terrible about them, disparaging about them, out there for the world to see?  That it’s OK to make fun of other people?  That just because you don’t like someone you can publicly humiliate them?  Because every time something like all the ridiculousness I just saw is posted, that’s what you’re saying to your kids.  That it’s OK to bully, to deride, to act like a total ass, to treat others with disrespect.  And then, later, when your kid posts something about someone because they don’t like them, what are you going to say?  No no, you shouldn’t do that.  I guess that’s just a case of do as I say, not as I do.  We need to teach respect, kindness, love.  We need to be teaching you can disagree in civil way.  You can not like someone, but you don’t have to make fun of them, and in fact you shouldn’t.

If the goal is to get people to change their minds politically, you’ve missed the mark.  What you’ve accomplished is showing you can be mean, you can be nasty, you’ve shown your lesser self.  I don’t want to see that side of you.

Again, you don’t like someone, fine.  You don’t like them.  Feel the need to plaster your feelings all over Facebook… fine.  I’d rather see what you’re up to today, get a little photo of your shoe or your workspace or your beautiful smile, but if you must post something, if you just have to dip your toe in the cesspool, then be smart, be kind, be classy about it.  Simply post a status message saying… I support this person, and this is why.  Or, I don’t support this person, and this is why.  Re-post an article you think makes a good point.  Keep the slander, the meanness, the jerkdom out of it.  Would you?  Could you?  Will you?  Won’t you?

Crap, I’m slipping into Dr. Seuss… that’s how serious this has gotten.

I guess it’s just so tough to go on social media and see posts from people you love that turn your stomach.  That make them seem different than the people you thought they were.

Elevate.  Rise above.  Be the people I think you are.  Please.  I can’t take it.  I just spent 10 minutes on Facebook and I had to write this post.

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The Times They are a Changin’

I have, for months and months, and maybe even longer, been thinking about changing the title of this blog.  Which, if you read the description of how I originally came up with the title for the blog, you may think is ironic.  Thinking thinking thinking, mulling mulling mulling.  It goes something like that.  But, life moves, and so do we.  Change can be scary, but also really good.

I need to make it fresh, to enliven it.  Or maybe I need this as an excuse to enliven myself.  Either way, I’ve been thinking about other titles for a long time.  Nothing seemed to fit, until recently, when I came across a quote, it’s actually on my inspirations page of this blog, and was suddenly, another irony, inspired.

The quote, “With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things.” ~ William Wordsworth

This means a lot to me.  I have this little mantra, or life philosophy, or whatever you want to call it, made up of four words.  Kindness, joy, hope, love.  The quote by Wordsworth incorporates all of those things.  It is hopeful, speaks to kindest and love, and references joy.

It’s my goal in life to see into things.  Not just look at, look past, look forward to, but to see.  I want to notice life, pay attention, soak it up.  I think my love of the arts and nature and people comes from this place.  My hopeful nature and smiles for people I know and don’t know also come from this place.  I feel like I’ve always known what was really important in life.  I’ve been lucky in that.  Some of the circumstances through my life to this point have just sort of put an exclamation point on it, but I’ve always known.

And the truth is, this is going to sound familiar to anyone who has read anything I’ve ever written here, that the only things that matter in life are the people we love and who love us and the experiences we have with them.  Period.  The end.  Drop the mike.

So, in that vein, taking the focus off of my head, and what’s inside it (speaking to the current title of the blog), I thought I’d change to something that speaks to all of it, the inner and outer worlds.  Something that inspires hope and connection.

Something like, The Life of Things.  “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feelin’ good.”

I believe, since I’m not changing the URL, that your subscriptions and follows will all still work.  Here’s hoping that’s true.



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