10 Word Review – Le Singe Musicien

Monkey. Violin. Early. Film. Firsts. Praxinoscope. 1878. Interesting. Groundbreaking. Yes.

10 Word Review – Sallie Gardner at a Gallop

Cool. First. Horse. Photographs. Zoopraxiscope. Sallie. Domm. Film. History. Yes.

10 Word Review – Passage of Venus

Cool. Short. First. Interesting. Planet. Earliest. Film. Preservation. Awesome. Yes.

Before the rain, thunder, and lightning…

10 Word Review – Devs (TV)

Future. Writing. Mood. Sets. Intense. Interesting. Concept. Acting. Mystery. Yes.

10 Word Review – The Mandalorian (TV)

Fun. Adventure. Story. Baby. Yoda. Unique. Feel. World. Cast. Yes.

10 Word Review – Raised by Wolves (TV)

Strange. Disturbing. Compelling. Unique. Original. Cast. World. Themes. Human. Yes.

Our beautiful little girl

During our Moseying around today we stopped for some delicious popcorn and a caramel apple. So good.

Took this girl for a windy walk today. She was practically blown over.

10 Word Review – Network

Current. Ratings. Shares. Money. Cast. Direction. Writing. Fantastic. Mad. YES.


Some sort of elaborate after school game going on… I do not pretend to know the story or the rules, but it’s fun to listen to them work it all out.

10 Word Review – Midnight Cowboy

Period. Hustle. Music. Sad. Loneliness. Hoffman. Voight. Naive. Friendship. Yes.

10 Word Review – Nashville

Kinetic. Mood. Cast. Celebrity. Meandering. Politics. 70s. Culture. Music. no.

Looking up

Found another one yesterday

10 Word Review – The Last Picture Show

Dreary. Ennui. Feel. Cast. Dust. Decline. Authentic. Stark. Characters. YES.

Joining a mammogram study… I get one every year anyway and on top of that, its important to keep good research going in an effort to get to better, faster treatment. I encourage every woman I know to get those mammograms and if you can, to participate in a study being done near you.

This little dude flew right in front of us and landed on a tree near our house… He’s giving us the side eye. 😂

Friday night…

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