10 Word Review

10 Word ReviewAn update about 10 Word Review.  I have organized and catalogued and alphabetized the list of movies, books, television shows, food, and miscellaneous stuff I’ve reviewed and put up lists, each group with its own page, under the 10 Word Review heading.  So if you ever want to look at the complete and ever-changing list of films, books, tv shows, food, or miscellaneous stuff I’ve reviewed just hover over the 10 word review tab and then click on whatever page you’re interested in.  Click on a film, say, and you will be instantly whisked to my review of same.

10 Word Review – Civil Wars Self-Titled Album

I’ve been working on the blog, more info to follow, and while I’ve been at it I’ve been listening to the Civil Wars self-titled album from 2013. I’d previously posted a 10 Word Review for the song Dust to Dust from the album and at that point I hadn’t really listened to the album in its entirety. Wow. In my opinion this album is nearly perfect. My 10 Word Review: Beautiful, haunting, harmony, lyrical, writing, heartfelt, story, graceful, amazed… YES.