Dominic Turns 1


Today is Dominic Thomas’ first birthday.

He is bright and loving and joyful and curious. He laughs and smiles a lot and doesn’t cry much at all. He makes his pterodactyl sound, for everything, occasionally throwing in a yeah, yeah just so we know he can talk if he wants to, and he’s steady holding himself up but doesn’t trust yet that he can take that first step. He loves remotes and phones and balls, not necessarily in that order, but most of all he loves to be looked at and smiled at. He lights up every room he’s in. He is one of those people, those gloriously relaxed and happy people, and will always be.

Today is Dominic Thomas’ first birthday, and I love him so.

Classical – Reborn

This is not your grandparent’s cello filled classical music.

I just spent a good 15 or 20 minutes at the 2Cellos YouTube Channel listening to these guys play. I’m amazed, astonished, and astounded. I was completely bowled over by this.  The musicianship alone is incredible.


10 Word Review – The Lone Bellow Self-Title Album

Haunting. Harmony. Building. Musicianship. Power. Emotional. Beautiful. Yearning. Americana. YES.




10 Word Review – Civil Wars Self-Titled Album

I’ve been working on the blog, more info to follow, and while I’ve been at it I’ve been listening to the Civil Wars self-titled album from 2013. I’d previously posted a 10 Word Review for the song Dust to Dust from the album and at that point I hadn’t really listened to the album in its entirety. Wow. In my opinion this album is nearly perfect. My 10 Word Review: Beautiful, haunting, harmony, lyrical, writing, heartfelt, story, graceful, amazed… YES.