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We, Karen and Mary included this time, walked down Michigan Avenue to Millennium Park today so Karen could see the bean, otherwise known as Cloud Gate, and a bit more of the city. It was a great day for a walk. Cold out. Forecast said a high of 20 today and it felt like it out there. Colder actually when the wind was blowing. But man oh man was it beautiful. The color of the sky was amazing. I think I took about 220 photographs during our two or three hours out. Not bad considering I took this same walk a few days ago and took photos then as well.

We are having an excellent time here. Karen is doing much better. Still improving all the time. I think the walking we’ve been doing, in moderation of course, has been good for her and for the lungs. Opening them up, stretching their capacity a bit.

Today Becky, one of the bridesmaids, and Ulf, a friend of Mary and Martin’s from England, who is actually German, and moving to Chicago for a year, arrived. We had a really nice dinner out with them at Vong’s Thai Kitchen. It’s Mary’s favorite Chicago restaurant and it’s closing in it’s current location tomorrow. Nice that we got in and were able to get some tasty vittles before it shut it’s doors.

Tomorrow a lot of family starts to arrive. It will be great to see everyone. Only four days to go….


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Here’s Irv looking like he’s gesturing toward the Trump Tower. Irv was a famous newspaper man in Chicago. I personally had never heard of him, but he’s famous none the less. Famous enough to get a statue anyway. Way to go Irv.


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Wandered around Chicago with Martin yesterday briefly while Karen and Mary went in search of boots. We, meaning Martin and I, were more successful. We found photos. The boots remained elusive.

F Market

F Market

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The F line Street Car. We rode on one or two of these. Packed, yet awesome. The history of them, especially related to the city, is so cool.

This is the last photo from our San Francisco trip. We didn’t have Rice-a-Roni, but we ate ice cream at the original Ghirardelli shop, and we saw the Golden Gate Bridge up close.  We didn’t go to Alcatraz, but we did walk and walk and walk, and we had a blast with our friends… thanks Sandy and Vicki for inviting us to join you there and for being great travel companions.  We enjoyed some great food, and we also walked and walked and walked.  We rode in planes, trains and automobiles, we played some mean retro video games, we had a fantastic time. We loved the city. San Francisco… we will be back.

Sand Man

Sand Man

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We continued to walk along the water toward the wharf after leaving the Palace of Fine Arts and passing Fort Mason. We spotted this guy laying around near the old Maritime Museum and Aquatic Park. Sweet spot really… the Maritime Museum is shaped like an old ocean liner. The Aquatic Park still has a bay swimming course. There were people actually swimming it, in wet suits, as we walked past. Hardy souls to be sure. Loved this sculpture. Random.