Musee Mecanique

Musee Mecanique

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We had to wander into this place to check it out. Once we did… it was on! Ms. Pacman and Galaga. I won one, Sandy the other. Close, both games. There were some pretty cool things in this building. Free to get in and totally worth it. They have restored many old and original coin operated games, etc. You can get a glimpse of a coin operated peep show (totally G rated) and gawk at the enormous laughing Sal. It’s worth a look and few cents…



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We took BART from San Jose to San Francisco and back again. LOVED it. We are total fans of mass transit, in whatever form it comes. Once we got to San Francisco we bought a three day pass and ended riding on buses, streetcars, and a cable car. Pretty cool, and pretty efficient.


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Here it is… the controversial wing/blade. OK, not really controversial, I just made that up. I thought wing, and then heard windmill blade, which makes so much more sense. So here it is… one of many we saw traveling down the road.

Getting The Shot

Getting The Shot, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

I’m always grabbing the camera and shooting something. Even if it’s something that on the surface might not initially seem that interesting. What can I say… the world through a lens is fascinating to me and very different looking than the real world. I don’t see dead people… I see photographs. Everywhere.

Entering Sacramento

Entering Sacramento, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

I actually have more photos to post from our trip than the ones I’m putting up here, but they will have to wait until I upload them from my computer to flickr and then to the ol’ blog. Patience, as my mom likes to say, is a virtue. Meanwhile… these are some I took on our way down to San Jose. Taken with the actual camera and not the iPhone camera. This is the hodge podge form of blogging. Spotty. Non-linear. Yeah… all of that.

Walking in San Jose

Walking in San Jose, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

So it’s now Saturday. We’ve spent one full day and a partial here and are enjoying the sunshine and the slightly warmer weather. It’s not warm enough for shorts, but it’s warmer than Oregon. Woo Hoo! Our routine goes like this… we get up, have breakfast at Karen’s parent’s place, and then we walk to the nearby Starbucks for London Fog and Chai. Good routine.


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We got up wondering if we’d have too much snow for the rented Jeep Liberty to handle. The forecast said there was a possibility for up to 4 or 5 inches. We had a dusting. No problem for the Jeep, even in 2 wheel drive. Our first stop, as I posted earlier, was Starbucks. Had to get that London Fog and the Chai. A must have for any road trip, not to mention any time we leave the house for any length of time at all.

This was taken as we ventured through the Siskiyou Mountains.  We were in 4 wheel drive for about 10 minutes.  We didn’t really need to do it, but we thought why not… we’d gotten the 4 wheel drive because we thought we might need it.  We didn’t want it to go to waste.  We crack me up.

15 Hours And Counting

We are almost to San Jose. Seems we did know the way after all. There’s loads to report from our travels today, however considering the fact that I’m a blithering idiot right now I’ll have to rain check my posts on the day. Perhaps tomorrow when I’ve slept and my head is mo longer filled with cotton candy. Perhaps….

Photo Hunt – Old Fashioned


The Stanford, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

I know, I know, I’m early with this post for Photo Hunt Saturday. But here’s the deal… I’m home today from work, not feeling all that well, and I have nothing better to do. Hence the post today.

About my post for this week’s theme, old fashioned… We went to San Jose last June and while there we ventured out to the Stanford in nearby Palo Alto. This place is fantastic. Admission is cheap, popcorn, snacks and soda are priced from the 50′s or so, and you get a double feature, complete with live organist popping up out of the floor during intermission. It’s old fashioned all the way around, and really incredible.If you want to join the hunt and the fun, check out the specifics at photo hunt.



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14 hours. We drove 14 hours in what was probably the worst weather I’ve ever driven in, besides maybe that time we were trying to get to the Tampa airport during the tornado warning. We started in Sacramento at 8:30 and found ourselves pulling into Mom and Don’s driveway at about 10:30 that night. A long long day. Moments of tension, moments of slight fear, silly moments, hysterically funny moments, and some very tired moments. And yet… we loved it. Adventure… going with whatever happens, making the most of it, and finding the fun in almost everything. That’s us. We love road trips, and love them still.

Final total coming home… 48 hours from Vegas back home (14 driving in one day), 1200+ miles, three stops for gas, one bone for Weston, two bully stix for Weston, and 12 chai tea lattes. Wow. What a trip!

Thanks Dan, Linda, Amanda, and DJ for putting us up and hanging out with us for a few days. It was good to see you guys. We love you.

Thanks Mom and Don for providing us a nice little sanctuary on our travels back home. The company was lovely and the breakfast terrific.

We are, as of yesterday, Saturday the 4th, back home. A day later than planned, but home. It’s always wonderful to be here after traveling, and today it’s even more so. We slept well, and are just enjoying our being quietly together at home as a little family. Ah, wonderful.

Hwy 101

Hwy 101

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Driving on hwy 20 from Williams, California over to the beach was wonderful. There were a couple of mini rock slides, but that was minor and nothing compared to the big wind we had experienced on I5. All it did on 20 was rain. Rain we’re used to.

Hwy 101 was OK for awhile. Periods of rain, wind, periods of rain, lightening, more wind, more rain. There were a few highlights… the chipper woman in the the plush red velveteen pants who served Karen more chai at the Starbucks in Brookings, Oregon. Karen came out with the chai and said, “this was served to me by a woman in plush red velveteen pants”. We laughed. We also listened to some great music, sang, loved on Weston a bit (he was an excellent car traveling dog), and had some great conversation. All of that when times were happy and bright… in other times, no radio, not much conversation, and a shaking dog who was afraid of the rain, wind, and lightening. It, all of it, was an adventure.