I was just listening to some music and this song popped on. Great post for a throwback Thursday music post. So, here it is. Enjoy a 1971 gem. I was five, by the way. Turned 6 that September. In 1971 my Mom married my step-dad and my Dad married my step-mom. It was a big year in my life.

I give you, Levon, by Elton John

The Night Beds

And then there’s this…

This Is The New Year

I hope you sing and dance and laugh and play and hug and find peace and a whole lot of joy this year. Happy 2016! This is the New Year.

And Then I Found This

Country Soul

I am loving this song, Let the World Go By, which just happens to be the single off of my cousin Karl Blau’s upcoming album, Country Soul.

Sailing Away

There is so much beauty in the world. I try to remind myself to be open, compassionate, and kind every day. We don’t know anyone else’s story. People are complex and have lived through things we will never understand. It’s important to remember that.

A public piano was installed, and then a homeless man sat down to play.

Music on Monday

Just discovered Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds and thought I’d share.