And the World Could Live As One

“Je suis Charlie” has popped up over and over on various news feeds and social media sites since the terrible events in Paris. Seeing it, connecting to it as a human being, isn’t a big stretch. I think we can all imagine both the sorrow and outrage an attack like this brings. And I think it’s human nature to want to join hands in solidarity and show that despite our petty differences, despite our sometimes feral and acidic tendencies when we disagree, we are one people. We can stand together.  We are, deep down in our bones, all the same.  Je suis Charlie translates as, “I am Charlie”.  I am.  And so are you.

The footage of the march in Paris is stunning. It’s humbling. And when you add to that this footage of the crowd when a girl decided to play John Lennon’s Imagine out from her balcony, it’s quite emotional. Thousands gathered, and millions more around the world stood with them in spirit.  It’s beautiful.  Imagine if we could be this loving and patient and supportive of each other all the time.  Imagine what that could be like.


Hang Massive Plays Once Again

One of my cousins posted a video on Facebook of these guys playing. There’s something completely awesome about it. Soothing, rhythmic, joyous, upbeat, earthy, and tremendous. I had to share. The instrument is called the Hang. Enjoy the music of Hang Massive.